JUUL Vaporizer

R 660.00

The JUUL Vaporizer is a very discreet e-cigarette designed for an adult audience that uses proprietary non-refillable pods filled with Nicotine Salt in two different nicotine strengths.

The JUUL is almost the same size of a conventional cigarette and very easy to use. Once the JUUL Pod is connected to the battery, simply draw to activate the device.
Tiny in size, the JUUL delivers a mouth-to-lungs draw which is very similar to a cigarette one.  

The device features and internal temperature control system to eliminate dry hits. To Recharge the JUUL you use the magnetic USB dock included in the box and it takes about an hour to fully recharge the battery. A full battery generally lasts for a whole day of regular use. To find out at any moment how much charge is left in the JUUL, tap on the device and the onboard LED light will flash different colours to show you how much charge is left. 

The JUUL Vaporizer is available in slate and black colour. 

Replacement JUUL Pods can be found HERE.