GEEK BAR Pro 1500 Puffs

R 130.00

Product Info: The Geek Bar Pro is a premium disposable vaping device that delivers deeply satisfying puffs.

Featuring a stunning crystal clear hexagonal-shaped food-grade shell with use-fit mouthpiece, the Geek Bar Pro stands out for the smooth air flow and the incomparable flavour. At the bottom of the unit a translucid lamp that creates a sci-fi like luminous effect with every draw.

What matters though is inside the Geek Bar Pro! Nicotine Salt juice with a 5% (50mg) nicotine strength in a wide variety of flavours, all powered by a 850mAh high Voltage Battery and premium organic cotton.
Draw-activated and extremely user friendly the Geek Bar Pro requires no charging, filling, coil swapping or anything along those lines. This disposable will please any novice and seasoned ex-smokers with its intense flavour, big cloud production and smooth taste.

GEEK BAR would be right up in your alley. GEEK BAR has uncomparable flavour among all disposables e-cigarette sticks in the market. Every puff would give you a solid throat hit, deep satisfaction, which is as awesome as your morning sip.


Blueberry Bubblegum - Sweet blueberries' notes with some sour ones. So, whether their taste is sweet or sour, they can take you to the skies with the fruity bubblegum touch.
Passion Fruit - Passionfruit is a delightful, exotic fruit with a hint of sour hint.
Blueberry Sour Raspberry - It is the best amalgam of sweet blueberries and sour raspberries.
Aloe Mango Melon Ice - A cool tropical journey filled with fresh aloe vera pulp, juicy sweet mangoes, lush melons and a kick of soothing menthol
Pink Lemonade - It is a mind-blowing flavour that contains red and pink coloured fruits with a slight touch of reddish food colour.
Strawberry Ice Cream - If you want to inhale a sweet, refreshing creamy flavour with a sour hit in the trance of ice, go for strawberry ice cream.
Blueberry Raspberry Lemon - Juicy blueberries, ripe raspberries, and tart lemons blended to create the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavours.

Lemon Tarte - Just like your grandma’s tart! Sweet and tangy lemon on a buttery crust.
Peach Ice - A sweet and mild blend of ripe peaches with a note of menthol.
Orange Soda - Orange soft drink, straight out of the fridge. Very refreshing.
Mixed Berries - A blend of mixed berries, ripe, juicy and fresh.

Up to: 1500+ puffs

Strength: 5% (50mg)

Capacity: 4.5ml

Battery: 850mAh High Voltage Battery

Warning: This product contains nicotine which is an addictive chemical.