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FlowerMate VS FlowerMate V5.0 Temperature Setting

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flowermate-reviewAs I’ve mentioned on a previous review, we were so positively impressed with the vapor quality produced by the FlowerMate V5.0, that we’ve decided to try out the newer version with temperature setting recently released by the Chinese manufacturer Smiss Technologies.

On the outside the FlowerMate V5.0 with temperature control looks just like the single temperature version with the exception of a redesigned logo that no longer sees a cannabis leaf (cheers for that) and a new glass mouthpiece that the manufacturer calls ‘Pyres Glass’ (whatever that is, lol).

According to the small user’s manual included in the box, the three temperature settings that you can choose from are 196°C (Blue light, 385°F) 204°C (Purple light, 400°F) and 212°C (Red light, 415°F). Don’t you think that’s a tad too high? It is!

I’ve fired up the unit with the conventional 5 click routine and that turns on the useful light inside the heating chamber which is the same size and identical ceramic-lined as the single temperature unit. After a short 20 seconds the unit is ready to vaporize at the lowest heat setting.

Strangely there’s not much vapor being formed at this lower setting and having used the single temp unit for quite some time, I immediately notice that the new model offers less resistance when drawing but this feels harsh on my throat. 
After a couple of minute and a few vapor less draws, I finally start seeing some vapor but that feeling of hot vapor on the back of my throat has unfortunately gotten worse. 
Flavor is there but I cannot get over that hot feeling which is similar to what I’ve experienced with the Pinnacle Pro.

flower-mate-temperature-control-compared-flowermateI hold the button for another 3 seconds to go up to the next temperature and that takes only a few seconds to reach. Vapor’s formation has improved but I’m somehow reluctant to draw from the unit because the discomfort in my throat has gotten worse and the blend is already tasting bad. I do not dare to try the last heat setting and powered off the unit.

Overall I’ve found that vapor formation is not that great and certainly not as good as what you are getting out of the original FlawerMate. Upon inspection of the vaped material, I’ve found the herb of a very dark brown color, meaning that the temperature is too high.

Final thoughts: while I would still recommend the original single temperature FlowerMate to my mates, I would steer clear from this newer version. Personally I think that the manufacturer, Smiss Technologies, was probably trying to improve the overall functionality of this latest version by reducing the resistance encountered when drawing but instead they’ve designed a vaporizer where the hot vapor travels too fast up the glass mouthpiece causing irritation of the throat.

Oh well, at least I have a new paper weight on my desk that I can use as a flashlight when the electricity goes off ;-)

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