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New Portable Vaporizer 2014: SPYRE

by Giacomo Grullo | Posted in Vape Reviews & News | No comments yet. | 1767 views on this post

The vaporizers market is growing exponentially and portable vape are popping up from every direction like wild mushrooms under a full moon. We like to think that people are becoming more self aware and realized that combustion is not such a good idea for your lungs, indeed it’s not.

There are tons of vaporizers that are inevitably trying to get a share of this blooming pot market but the majority of them are not even worth charging up, let alone purchasing them.

What is worth checking out in 2014?spyre-portable-vaporizer

The SPYRE Portable Vaporizer is one of the latest entries in the handheld market and their Limited Edition v1.1 is currently available for pre-order from UPTOKE. After two years of research and refinement, this American company has developed what is allegedly going to be one of the finest portable vaporizers on the market.

Sleek and elegant in its design, the SPYRE offers to those who are prepared to fork out $300 (R3,150) an immediate heat up time -only 2.5 seconds to reach the ideal vaping temperature of 190°C-, a built-in ceramic grinder -yes that’s right!- and the ability to vaporize flowers as well as concentrates.

The built-in grinder is the feature that I find the most exciting!! The SPYRE’s ceramic chamber -where vaporization takes place- doubles as a magnetic grinder, eliminating prep work and ensuring even heating.

This dildo-shaped vaporizer is 177mm long and 26mm wide and the weight of an iPhone. Under the hood a huge 3100mAh rechargeable battery capable of delivering 300 puffs, which is more than enough for one day…at least for most of us ;-)

VAPORY has already secured some of these units and looking forward to test it. Check back for an extensive review on the SPYRE vaporizer because this might be a big step in the evolution of portable vaporizers.

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