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Canadians' Pot Vending Machines Don't Track You Down

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BC (British Columbia) not only produces some of the strongest bud I’ve ever sampled, but they are cool enough to sell it nicely organized through a vending machines: don’t you love Canada right now and wish you were there??!! Well, I do ;-)

To get some AK47 or some Purple Kush, to name a couple of strains, customers have to be 19 or older and show a medical need.
From the outside looks like a normal vending machine like the ones you see at the airport and usually they drop chips and pops, but these ‘herbal machines’ deliver a wide range of more or less potent dried flowers neatly heat-sealed in plastic bags for maximum hygiene and flavour preservation.pot-machine-canada

Unlike the vending machines recently installed in Colorado, the Canadian machine does not take your ID credentials and it accepts only cash, making your purchase completely anonymous. All you have to do is pay the money and your choice of candy just falls down into the slot. Sweet, isn’t?
The American version of this $50,000 machine -called Zazzz machine- utilize radio-frequency identification tags (RFID) to track the products and biometrics to verify a customers age. Not so sweet, isn’t? 

The Zazzz box contains a whole range of saliva and indica strains and flavors that are sure to trigger people’s memories of films containing the plant: “Purple Kush, Bubba Kush,” in quantities slightly bigger than 3.7 grams at -allegedly- very competitive prices.

Obviously there are some potential legality issues since the local law clearly states that dried marijuana isn’t allowed (medicinal or not), the courts recently decided that some legal source is needed, to a “reasonable” degree, when a doctor’s prescription contains it.

The entire world is now in favor of legalization or some form of decriminalization of the plant, come on South Africa we are veery keen too and waiting for it to happen!!!

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