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Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review

by Giacomo Grullo | Posted in Portable Vape | 1 comment/s. | 3093 views on this post

The Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer by VaporBLUNT is quickly gaining popularity in the vape market, but is it worth its price tag? Before you read on, bare in mind that the perfect portable vaporizer has not yet been designed and every vape has its pros and cons.

Potential buyers in the market for a portable vaporizer are attracted by the slim and compact design of the Pinnacle Pro: this vape is only few millimeters longer than a BIC pen, making it an ideal unit if you are looking for something that you can slide in your pocket without worrying of it accidentally turning on or breaking some glass parts.

What attracts people toward the Pinnacle Pro is also its ability to vaporize both dry flowers and concentrates which -at time of writing- is not offered by any other units of this size. There's a whole range of pen vaporizers that can allegedly do that, but those do a very poor job imo.
The Pinnacle Pro has 5 different heat levels to choose from and while you want to stick to the lower one for botanical, you can use the higher settings for oils and waxes.

Let’s look at the Pinnacle Pro in details:

The plastic outer shell feels good in your hands and the unit’s 100 grams weight doesn’t make it feel too cheap if you are one of those who judges quality by weight, but it’s also not too heavy to carry. The mold’s finishings are of good quality but not top class. 
The replaceable plastic mouth tip is one of the Achille’s hell of this unit and it can easily break if you drop the vaporizer.
Removing the chamber cap will expose the well built ceramic heating chamber. Inside the chamber sits the ‘bullet’, a removable stainless steel bowl with a screen at the bottom -for flowers- that can be replaced with the supplied ‘Full Metal Jacket’ - a screenless bullet- when you want to vaporize concentrates. Both the bullets and the internal chamber are well built and we’ve had no issues with them over the 2 month-long testing period.

In the Pinnacle Pro box you will get a 110v-240v wall adapter, the two bullets we’ve mentioned above, a bamboo cleaning tool, one cleaning brush, one plastic stand to rest your PnP while it’s charging and a 14mm PonG (plastic-on-glass) male adapter to be used with the Water Tool Attachment, sold separately. For what you are paying for for this vape, I reckon that VaporBLUNT should have added a carrying pouch and an extra mouth tip, which is pretty standard when you buy an expensive portable vape these days.
The packaging could be a lot better: internally a cheap plastic shell lodges the vape and some of the accessories while under this compartment you will find the charger, the PonG adapter and the stand. All components are free to move around the box and when you shake the closed box it sounds like your vape is broken into pieces! We are big fans of DaVinci’s stylish and smart packaging and we think VaporBLUNT could have spent a little longer developing a better box for its unit.

-Battery Life-
A tad below par: at the first heat setting you can count on getting around 50 minutes of continuos vaporization, meaning that you will have 5-6 sessions out of a full charge. At higher levels you will only score 4-5 sessions. 
The good thing is that the Pinnacle Pro can be used while charging even when there’s no juice left in your battery. Battery life is not a deal breaker but something to keep in mind.


-Vapor Quality-
Not great. The flavor is nice for the first couple of draws and with good consistency, especially if you let it sit for 15-20 seconds in between draws. The unit offers bo resistance when you draw but the vapor feels a bit hot and harsh on your throat, making your vaping session less enjoyable. 
Even at the lowest temperature, it feels as if you are vaping too hot and you wish there was a lower temperature setting. After the 3rd/4th draw your materials is already starting to taste a tad burned. 
The Water Tool Attachment -or HydraTube- will certainly cool down the vapor but who wants to be out and about carrying a minuature bong and a bottle of water to fill it? LOL, It defeats the propose of a portable vape! 
-Who should buy it-
If you want something very stealthy, very portable and the option to vaporize botanical and concentrates, this is your vape.
But if you are after good quality vapor, this is not your vape.
If you have more than one vape and you want something discreet that looks like an electronic cigarette, go for it.
But if this will be your main vaporizer and you don’t have a desktop unit or a different portable unit, steer clear from the Pinnacle Pro and look at the Arizer Solo instead.

As I've told you at the beginning, every vape has its weaknesses and in the case of the Pinnacle Pro is the vapor's harshness. This may not bother a smoker but if you've been vaporizing for a few years and you want to stay away from combustion, this may not be the right unit for you.

-Ranking: Allround We rank the Pinnacle Pro vaporizer 7.5/10 but vapor quality scores 6.5/10


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