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Indica Vaporizer Review

by Giacomo Grullo | Posted in Vape Reviews & News,Portable Vape | No comments yet. | 4458 views on this post

We’ve finally put our hands on the new Indica vaporizer and after using it for a few days, we are finally ready to compile our review for this portable vaporizer that shares the same look as a Zippo lighter.

If you don't have time to read through -in a nutshell- the Indica produces awesome vapor, it’s pretty darned simple to use and it’s very stealthy. But for those who want to read more about this new entry into the vape market, let’s start from the beginning.


The Indica vaporizer comes in a beautiful wooden box complete with the vape’s logo emblazoned on the front. When you open the box you’ll find the vape nestled in a black felt insert. Under the vaporizer's tray a USB charging cable and power adapter, some cleaning accessories, a replacement lid, few metal spacers to be used when you are packing a small bowl, the usual stainless steel screens, a velvet pouch and a user manual. The accessories are packed in Ziplock-like bags which is something that Ploom has introduced with their Pax vaporizer.


This highly portable vaporizer weighs only 160 grams and its dimensions are 8cm x 5cm x 2.5cm. The design is sturdy and you can tell that it will survive several drops without causing any damage to its functionality. Under the classy brushed stainless steel body, 2 x 900 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable batteries will fire up your vape and make it ready for action in around one minute.
It took roughly 3 hours to fully charge the Indica from empty to full and you can count on 1.5 hours of continual use on a full charge.


The Indica offers 5 preset vaping temperatures which are easily controlled by one small LED button lodged next to the mouthpiece.
The LED light will display Cyan color at 171°C, Blue 181°C, Green 191°C, Purple 201°C and Red 211°C. To filter through the various temperatures, double click the LED button. I suggest the Green setting for a cool but tasty and effective vapor. But if you are looking to achieve a slightly thicker vapor, you can jump up to the next 201°C which is the operating temperature used by portable vaporizers such as the WISPR 2 and IOLITE.

Heating chamber:

The Indica vaporizer is designed to pack up to 0.31 grams of herbal product but we’ve tried it with 0.4 grams and it fit comfortably. In case you are wondering, this vape should not be used to vaporize herbal concentrates since the chamber has been designed specifically for herbal blends.
Loading up the heating chamber is simple and similar to the PAX: slide the chamber door downwards to unlock it. Pour in the blend and pack it down using one of the supplied mini spacers.
Unlike the PAX where the oven is unevenly heated, the Indica oven is perfectly heated and there’s no need to stir the blend in between draws. 
If you feel like packing the chamber only halfway or a quarter of it, you can fill the empty space with the supplied spacers for proper heat distribution and you will still receive the same quality vapor but it will not last as long as a full bowl, obviously ;-)

indica-mouthpieceVapor quality: 

We are truly impressed with the vapor quality produced by the Indica, especially at lower temperatures (Cyan) where the taste is superb. At this setting vapor's production only starts after the 4th draw and did I say that the flavor is phenomenal?
On the Green setting the taste is still great and you can see some pleasing vapor clouds throughout the 15 hits that we got out of a full bowl with vapor production increasing throughout the session. At this setting the metal mouthpiece of the Indica was still cool and the vaporizer itself got a tad warm on the outside.
We wanted to see how the Indica performed at the highest temperature setting and we’ve managed to get 5 good draws where the vapor is still smooth and not harsh. After those hits the vapor started fading in taste and consistency.

After 4 minutes of use at 211°C the mouthpiece is a little warm but you can still hold it in between your lips.

Final thoughts:

The Indica is an awesome vaporizer that performs much better than I expected -especially at low temperature- and for cloud chasers and fans of flavor it really does do the job. I’ve found the Indica packing a hell of a punch.
I’m confident enough to say that at present the Indica is one of the top performing portable vaporizers out there and I would definitely recommend it anyone looking for an affordable yet exceptional vaporizer. 

Despite its name, we've tested the unit with both Sativa and Indica strains and it seems to work equally well ;-)

The unit needs virtually no cleaning other than the down tube every few sessions and that is achieved by running a bristled pipe cleaner dipped in rubbing alcohol through the tube.

The bad:

In my opinion there are two flaws with the Indica: because of its Zippo-like look, when you are in a public place people may think you are breathing in lighter fluid fumes. Not cool.

This extremely durable unit is not really designed for extended sessions as it gets hot after 30 minutes of continuos use and almost impossible to hold after 40 minutes. On the good side, the Indica can be used as a hand warmer during those cold winter nights. 

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