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Hot Box Vaporizer Review

by Giacomo Grullo | Posted in Desktop Vape | No comments yet. | 2903 views on this post

Despite being one of the cheapest desktop vaporizers on the market - apart from Chinese dodgy units - the Hot Box Vaporizer produces good vapor and an excellent choice for those who are looking for a simple and user friendly

Completely hand-made in the USA and covered by a 5 years warranty, the Hot Box is a whip-style vaporizer with an outside ceramic body, a strong and reliable heating element and a glass-on-glass vapor path to deliver tasty and clean vapor. 


The unit we’ve reviewed is the Hot Box with Standard Glass Wand which, similarly to the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, is not a hands-free vaporizer and requires the user to hold the wand against the glass heater cover.
Personally I prefer this type of setup since I’ve found that with a hands-free vaporizer, where the wand is permanently connected with the heater cover, your material can quickly get toasted.

Built using only top quality materials, the Hot Box does not look like a cheap vape and I've found the review unit very well built. The use of good materials (borosilicate glass and food-grade tubing) is a very important fact to take into consideration when you are purchasing a low-end vaporizer because very often cheap Chinese vaporizers cut corners and use cheap materials that eventually will release harmful substances -and horrible plastic/silicone aromas into your vapor.

What I also like about the Hot Box is the low maintenance required: the 2 piece glass wand is very to take apart and easy to clean and the rest of the unit does not require anything at all to keep the unit in proper performing order.

-Temperature Control-

A single temperature vaporizer, I've found that out of the box the Hot Box is set with a good and efficient vaping temperature that does not require users to experiment with different heating point before finding the sweet spot. 
Similarly to all single temperature vaporizers, the way to control temperature is dictated by how quickly you draw. The slower you draw, the hotter the air will be passing through will be material, and the faster you draw, the cooler the air will be.

-Vapor Quality-

I’ve found the vapor produced by the Hot Box of good quality. Good flavor, nice consistency and not dry on your throat. 
Upon inspection of the vaped product, I see that there are no signs of combustion and that the herbal blend was vaporized very evenly and completely as there are no green bits left in the mix. This is always a good sign and it tells you that you have an effective vaporizer on hand.


I’m overall very happy with the performance of this little guy but it needs to be mentioned that one of the Achilles’s heel of Hot Box Vaporizer is the heating time since it takes about 10 minutes for the unit to reach operating temperature. Personally I do not consider this a deal-breaking fact but it I had to mention it.


The Hot Box scores an overall 8/10 for vapor quality and overall unit’s quality.

Because of its price tag and the good vapor production, I recommend the Hot Box to anyone looking for a solid and reliable vaporizer or to someone that is new to vaporization and not sure yet if he’s going to like vaping or not. 

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