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New Portable Vaporizer 2014: G Pro by Grenco Science

by Giacomo Grullo | Posted in Vape Reviews & News | 1 comment/s. | 4291 views on this post

A friend of mine called me the other day with the exciting news of a new portable vaporizer released by Grenco Science -the guys behind the G Pen vaporizer. 
With lots of anticipation I quickly went onto their website to check out the new G Pro Herbal Vaporizer and boy…what a disappointment! I’ve used this vape before!!

Instead of investing some of the money they are making into researching and developing a new vape, Grenco Science rebranded a cheap Chinese knockoff of the Pinnacle Pro, added a few more holes to the loading chamber, stamped a ‘G’ at the bottom of the vape and jacked up the price of an extra $75. 
I bet the guys at Grenco must have been gaffed when they’ve decided to rebrand the Chinese Titan into the G Pro!


How is the $100 G Pro differing from the $25 Titan? 

The main difference between these two conduction vaporizers is the LED colors and the outer color that is now an all black for the G version. Unfortunately I have yet to try the G Pro but I doubt that the extra vent holes will change the bad rubber taste and odor that I remember when trying the Titan a while ago. 

Compatible exclusively with dried herbs, the G Pro features three temperature settings that for the Chinese relative were 160°C, 190°C,and 225°C if I remember correctly. The unit turns on/off with the usual 5 click routine adopted by electronic cigarette manufacturers. Battery life of the original unit was around one hour, which is similar to what the Pinnacle Pro can deliver on a good day.

Aside from the rubber taste, the Titan was actually producing some satisfying clouds even at the lower temperature setting. Draw resistance was very low, and similarly to the Pinnacle Pro cleaning of the vape was as quick and easy as dumping the content of the loading chamber.

If Grenco Science has improved the materials used inside the unit and improved the vapor’s flavor, this could actually turn into a decent vaporizer.

Well, let me get one of these guys and I will let you know ;-)

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