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VaporMax V FlowerMate Review

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Hey guys, we’ve been testing the VaporMax V FlowerMate portable vaporizer for a couple of weeks and it’s time to write down our impressions.

A few things attracted my attention when I first saw this vaporizer, the stealth form factor that kind of looks like an iPod mini, the fact that it seemed a pretty solid unit and the excellent battery capacity.


Manufactured by a Chinese company called Smiss -which is specialized in the production of pen-style vaporizers- the FlowerMate is a single-temperature conduction/convection vaporizer. Right out of the box the unit feels solid and well built: a nice aluminum shell (with 8 different colors to choose from) and top/bottom parts made of some form of hard plastic. Box and packaging is very nice, similar to the DaVinci.

flowermate-portable-vaporizer-blueLight, small and self contained, the unit turns on/off with the typical vape-pen 5 clicks routine. Press and hold again the button for 5-6 seconds and a red light will appear around the button to indicate that the vape is heating. It took roughly 30 seconds for the unit to heat up and the light to change from red to green. 

The chamber of this little guy seems to be made of ceramic and has a screen at the bottom where your plant material sits. The amount the chamber can hold is roughly 0.2 grams and by its look and size it reminds me of the Pinnacle Pro chamber.

Vapor Quality

Let’s look at the juicy stuff: vapor quality. The first draw is smooth and tasty and being skeptical by nature, I was not expecting it! While I wait a few seconds before hitting it again, I notice that the vaporizer produces very little odor. Nice!
The second hit is also tasty and produces a cloud of similar quality to what you would get from the Pinnacle Pro. I’ve had as many as 30 hits from a full load and again I was impressed with it. After playing around with this guy for a few weeks, I would say that the vapor production of the FlowerMate is comparable to the PAX, satisfactory and cool. For such a small unit, the vapor production is very good and somehow comparable to what you are getting from a premium vaporizer.

Upon inspection of the vaped product, I see that there are no signs of combustion and that the herbal blend was vaporized very evenly and completely as there are no green bits left in the mix. 
Battery life is also impressive since on average you get 100-120 min of continuos vaporization, which is more than triple of what I’m getting from the Pinnacle Pro. 
What I also like about the unit is that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and cleaning.

Not a heavy hitter but certainly an effective vaporizer that can produce medium clouds, the FlowerMate is an idiot-proof vape. Often people buy a vape -like the MFLB for instance- and right out of the box they are disappointed because they cannot get a good hit. Well, this is not going to happened with the FlowerMate Vaporizer since all you need to do is turning it on, pack it and hit it.

Don't Like

There are a couple of things that I don’t like about the FlowerMate: similar to the Solo, this vape offers a bit of resistance when you draw. Not a deal breaker but something worthy of mention.
The plastic top and bottom of the unit feel a bit too plasticky and I wish they were made out of the same anodized aluminum as the body. The oven door doesn’t looks a bit precariuos and I’m just waiting to see it popping off…just my feeling. The top storage door also pops open from time to time. Could it be a signal that it’s time to vaporize?? LOL! Lastly, they should eliminate the cannabis leaf logo, please!

Because of its good battery life and its sturdiness, I’m confidently recommending the FlowerMate as the perfect travel vaporizer. Those of you on a budget, should also take the FlowerMate into consideration. This is an entry level vaporizer and as long as you understand that this is not the Solo or the Ascent, you’ll not be disappointed. 

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