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Extreme Q vs Da Buddha: Which is a Better Desktop Vaporizer?

by Giacomo Grullo | Posted in Desktop Vape | 1 comment/s. | 5442 views on this post

black-da-buddha-with-whipChoosing between the Extreme Q Vaporizer (version 4.0) by Canadian vape manufacturer Arizer and the Da Buddha Vaporizer by Colorado-based 7th Floor, can be a tricky choice to make. Both are very good intermediate level vaporizers and while the Extreme Q is a feature-rich desktop vaporizer, the DBV offers good vapor and solid construction.

Which one to pick then?

Every vape has its own pros and cons and what you pick here depends on what you want. In a nutshell the Da Buddha Vaporizer will do a better job as a whip-style vaporizer while the Extreme Q -having whip and balloons delivery systems- offers better versatility. Do you care more about versatility or speciality? 

Let me illustrate the main differences between these two units -that are both ranging around a similar price tag- and then it will be up to you to decide. 

-To me what is important more than anything else is vapor quality and health safety. For this the DBV is my pick between the two. Vapor is tastier and a tad denser with the DBV. 
Regarding health: the air path of the EQ passes over the unit's circuit board while the Da Buddha is a glass on glass air path, which is why vapor is tastier but also safer to inhale. 

Bags vs. direct hits (whip)? Bagged vapor will always give you a steady temperature -but thinner vapor- due to all the air being driven through the heating chamber. No learning curve with bags, so great for groups, but for repeated solo use, it gets boring and for this reason I’m once again recommending the Da Buddha Vaporizer if vapor quality is important to you.

-The EQ is a good unit to have if you're intending to share your vaporizer with friends: this is because it has a 360 degrees turnable whip as well as balloons that can be passed around. The DBV feels more of a personal unit, something built for your own vaping pleasure and despite the very long cable is not as easy to be passed around a group of friends.

-Because there's less electronic involved, there's less that can go wrong with the DBV over a long period of time/use.

extreme-q-balloon-Compared to the Da Buddha, the Extreme Q requires more maintenance (cleaning) and there are more glass parts that can break.

-7th Floor’s silicone hose is very soft and easy to bend while the EQ PVC hose is stiffer and can knock off your unit or your water gadget if you are not carefull.

-The DBV feels like a solid hand-made unit while the EQ feels more like a mass-produced unit.

Lots of people new to vaping are interested in bag fill. From my expereince though I've seen that people who enjoy the vapor experience tend to end up preferring direct draw instead of bagged vapor. 

Summing it all up, with a dual mode vape the direct draw isn't generally considered quite as good as with whip only models. As a friend -very expert vaporist- of mine once told me: “The Extreme Q is a jack of all trades, yet master of none”.

I think that doing one thing really, really well, is better than doing two things half assed, don’t you agree?

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