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Daisy Vaporizer Review

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Hey guys, today we are reviewing the MUCH anticipated Daisy Vaporizer by Triihouse: we were burning with anticipation for this one and so happy when it arrived!!

As we always do for those who don’t have time to read through the whole Daisy Vaporizer Review, here it is in a nutshell: the Daisy may not be the most portable handheld unit but it makes huge clouds and we have completely fallen in love with this gorgeous handmade unit. Since this is a flame driven vaporizer, it takes a little practice to get the right draw but when you do…oh boy, what  punch!

But let’s start from the beginning!


Not existing. The unit arrived wrapped in bubble warp inside a US Post box. Inside the wrapping was the disassembled vaporizer, a large torch flame lighter that seems of good quality, some spare screens, a tweezer and a wooden grinder. No user’s manual.
The whole thing felt a bit spartan but bare in mind that the Daisy is still at its blooming stage and I’ve heard that the US based manufacturer Triihouse is currently busy designing a wooden box for its precious flower. daisy-triihouse-box-content


The Daisy is handcrafted in the USA and it’s a piece of art. I love the feel in my hands of the walnut wood (which is by the way organic) and how the three block are joining together with the magnets.
A handheld vaporizer but not the stealthy kind that you can put in your pocket. The main body of the Daisy Vaporizer measures 9.5cm x 9.5cm x 4.5cm and that’s without the two glass parts. The unit consists of one rectangular piece which is where the huge bong-like glass mouthpiece is lodged, and two cubes. The bottom cube is the one that holds the furnace with one screen at its bottom and the cube above it is the one that takes the small vertical glass tube used for heating.

How to operate: 

Using the Daisy is as easy as it can get: you cover the screen with a couple of small pinches of ground herb, assemble the unit and by pointing the lighter’s flame down the small glass chimney, you vaporize your herb. After several attempts we’ve found that the tip of the flame should be inline with the top of the glass chimney to avoid overheating.
I must be honest with you guys and say that the first two three times I’ve used it, I’ve combusted. I was too excited to try it and could not figure out how to lower the powerful jet flame. Result: charring at the center of the bowl and some smoke formation. I was not a happy lad at this stage.
I went online and found out that by turning the filling valve at the bottom of the lighter I could have adjusted the flame’s intensity. Why not adding a small instruction card with the lighter? It would have saved me some herb!
I got the flame to about 2-3cm in length, which is what Triihouse recommended, and that made a world of a difference.

daisy-vaporizerVapor quality:

This is a heavy duty vaporizer or even better I would say that the Daisy is the first bong vaporizer on the market, and it performs like one. Big clouds and very heavy hits, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
Thanks to its convection heating system, vapor quality is very good: vapor is cool and tasty. There’s a bit of a wood flavor mixed with the terpenes but it’s not as unpleasant as silicone can be with other portable vaporizers. 
Due to its large mouthpiece, when you draw you create a lot of turbulence which is great for convection vaporizing. Turbulence agitates and scrubs the compounds to be vaporized and this equals more cloudy heavy hits.
Upon inspection of the vaped material, we can see that it’s evenly used with no green bits left behind. This is always a sign of good efficiency that will result in less herb used to obtain the desired effect. 

Final thoughts:

Good- Exceptional quality and vapor formation. Great value for money at $150 (we will be stocking it soon!!). Once you’ve taken the Daisy apart, you can take it with you when you go traveling and surely pass airport’s inspections because nobody would know what the three blocks are for unless it is assembled. 5 Year warranty.

Bad - No box (at time of writing), no manual. It can combust if flame is too high.

Because of the punch that it packs, the Daisy Vaporizer is recommended to those who may have built some tolerance over the years towards vapor. If you are new to vaporization, there’s a small learning curve involved but nothing that will cripple your experience. 

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