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New Portable Vaporizer 2014: Daisy Herbal Vaporizer

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The Daisy Vaporizer by Triihouse is one of the latest arrivals on the vape market and certainly one of the most interesting-looking hand-held unit I’ve seen in a while and by the sound of early reports, also one of the most promising.daisy-vaporizer

The Daisy vaporizer is operated by jet flame lighter and therefore it contains no heating elements, no heat sinks and also no flame filters. The Daisy is entirely handcrafted in the USA from four pieces of solid walnut wood and using top quality components like borosilicate glass and stainless steel to deliver tasty and pure vapor.  

The four beautiful pieces of wood that are composing this puzzle-like vaporizer are kept together with strong magnets and if you watch the video you can see that once they are all joined together, the vaporizer seems to be a solid unit. 
The bong-like large mouthpiece is fitted airtight into the unit and a silicone O-ring prevents any vapor from escaping from your draw. The straight glass tube acts as heat intake stem and directly beneath the stem sits the furnace that will vaporize your herbal blends.

Judging by the video, this little guy produces huge clouds that will certainly satisfy the most hardened  vaporists. Why I’m calling it little guy? Again in the video the Daisy Vaporizer appears to be a rather large unit and for sure not one that you can store in your pocket. In reality though the unit is only 8cm tall and it fits comfortably in one hand.

According to its manufacturer Triihouse, the Daisy “each Daisy vaporizer is about 98% hand-made so we can not help but get a little personal and attached and protective to each one. Though she is quite simple in design, it has taken us many testing sessions to get her to the point of performance she is at right now”.

We certainly couldn’t wait to put our hands on this Daisy and we’ve already ordered a test unit. We are also currently dealing with the manufacturer in order to bring this precious flower to South Africa. 
The Daisy vaporizer is a 100% convection unit that reminds me of a combination of a Rubik cube meeting a water pipe, but it’s certainly not a toy. It's currently available from the manufacturer's website for $149 (Rand 1,600).

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