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Buying Guide

VAPORY Buying Guide

Purchasing your first vaporizer may be a tough task if you are a beginner vaporist. Our very first suggestion to you is to CALL us (0861 00 5898), tell us what, where, how much, how often you usually enjoy your herb and we’ll point you in the right direction. I’ve seen many times people buying a small portable vaporizer because they’ve read a lot of reviews and forums where they say it’s a good unit and only after they’ve purchased it they feel it’s the wrong one for them and become disappointed in the process. 

If you choose not to call us, this guide will come as a help to the aspirant vaporist by explaining what every novice needs to know when buying their new vaporizer. If you follow these steps you’ll be vaping away in no time!


STEP 1: Portable Vaporizer or Desktop Vaporizer?

Our second suggestion is that ideally you need one of each BUT to begin with, let’s look at your first purchase.

Most vaporizers nowadays are very efficient at extracting the active ingredients from your herbs. On average you will save at least twice as much herb vaporizing than older traditional methods involving combustion. Due to this most vaporizers pay for themselves in a very quick amount of time.

-What are your current habits? Do you enjoy your herb mostly when you are at home, in the evening after work and during the weekend with your friends? In this case we would recommend you getting a desktop unit. Stylish and designed with safety in mind, a home vaporizer will give you years of use with less required cleaning than a portable vaporizer.

-On the other hand if you are always out and about and you are looking for a vape that you can use while camping, at work, on the beach, when you are travelling or while driving (did I just say that?), then a portable vaporizer is the way to go for you. These units are ergonomically designed and run off one of three things: gas, battery or flame (from a jet flame lighter). This is worth considering when choosing a portable vaporizer as using for an extended period of time requires recharging or refilling.

Some users feel that portables do not work quickly enough, or in some cases are just not as effective as non-portable devices. Some types have a better reputation than others, however, and remember that what does not work for someone else could be just fine for you.

Our Advice: start off with a desktop vaporizer unless you truly need to be mobile.

STEP 2: Once you’ve made a decision regarding the type of vaporizer that will better fit your lifestyle, you need to dig deep in your pockets and see how much you would like to spend. Remember though, try to pick a vape that will meet your specific needs and hobbies and not just based on your budget. Sometimes spending slightly more ensures that you get a better vaporizer that will last you for a longer term rather than a cheaper vaporizer that you will replace in a couple of years or worst in a few months.

LEARNING CURVEvolcano-vaporizer

Getting the best from most vaporizers requires learning correct technique. For example, many whip or tube delivery systems depend on proper draw speed. (“Whip” is the term used for small diameter tubing, usually silicone or PVC) Flame-powered units need both correct flame distance and draw. Vaporizers that fill balloons, on the other hand, have no such limitations.

While the learning process can be frustrating at first, you are usually rewarded with excellent results; however, if you are the impatient sort, look for a device that you can use effectively right out of the box.


Which ones do we reccomend?


Portable: Magic Flight Launch Box
Desktop: Hot Box


Portable: Arizer Solo
Desktop: Volcano with Easy Valve