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Space Case Pollen Press

Space Case Pollen Press
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Space Case Pollen Press

Beautifully crafted in the USA from a single piece of high grade aluminum, the Space Case Pollen Press is an indispensable tool for transforming gathered pollen into a solid disk.
The press is precision machined from aerospace grade aluminum, making them lightweight and durable. The pieces fit together perfectly and turn smoothly. 
This 5 piece press is composed by two Teflon coated plastic dowels, two end caps and main body of the press.

Size: 2.5 cm wide - 6.4cm tall

How to use the Space Case Pollen Press:

After collecting the pollen either from your 4 piece Space Case grinder or from your kief box, put it in your pollen press after taking out one of the dowels. Replace the dowel and put the cap back on. Screw the pollen press together as tightly as you can. For best results reapply pressure every two hours and allow the press to sit at least 8 hours or overnight in the freezer.


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